Motor race finished on the Red Square!

On Saturday, July 7, at the Red Square in Moscow rally officially finished, "the Beijing-Moscow 2012".

Race participants become ambassadors of friendship and good will at the start of the Beijing deputy head of the State Administration of Tourism of China, Mr. Zhu Shanchzhun handed the rally leader Alexei Lyutkevich official gift to send to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Silk panels, made in the traditional Chinese art, symbolizes years of tourism in Russia and China. After the Olympics - it is not only the brightest sporting event, but also a landmark event in the field of international tourism.

Finish runs on Red Square was in conjunction with the launching event of the international rally-raid "Silk Road." Of all types of motorsport rally-raids is most similar in spirit to that seek to promote and develop the organizers of the rally, "the Beijing-Moscow". In addition, the idea that the "Silk Road" is in the title, rally embodied in its route actually passed most of the Great Silk Road. The organizers of the rally considered it an honor to take part in a symbolic relay friendship. In a solemn ceremony at the Red Square rally leader, Deputy Executive Director of NP "Peace Without Borders" Alex Lyutkevich handed the head of the "Silk Road" Semyon Yakubov, the symbol of the Years of the Russian and Chinese tourism, which the organizers of the rally will bring in Sochi. Thus closes the route of the historical Silk Road, and will be linked together the ideas of international friendship, sports and tourism.

After "message stick" convoy of 12 cars run, decorated with the flags of developing, has gone through the start podium rally. Then the machines have overcome more than 10 000 kilometers in 29 days, went to the garage and race participants - home for a well deserved rest.